The meat snack we produce are “a hit” for your pet!

Meat strips do not contain any preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers or gluten.

Due to the allergic aspect, which also affects dogs, we offer a wide range of different types of meat: rabbit, hare, roe-deer, wild boar, turkey, duck, kangaroo horse, etc., so that you can choose the right meat for each dog.

The dog should not consume plant products, i.e. vegetable protein and gluten.
Our products are a set of 100% of a given type of meat and offal. It also guarantees 100% of the target protein, the animal, which is necessary for dogs and which plays a significant role in its growth.

Meat chews are characterized by a high degree of bellyful, and as you know, a full-bodied dog is a happy dog.